• Make you work look like a Big Bang.
    … or make your idea start a challenging  project. It is very difficult to capture what we do in a single line so we end up writing these statements that can sound like marketing fluff. Here is a longer explanation of what we do.
  • ABOUT THE COMPANY - by Vladimir Li

    We wanted to specialize
    in “user experience.”
    In 2002, the concept of user experience being its own discipline was unique. 10 years later, I realized very few were the companies focussing on UI problems & design in Europe. More importantly we wanted to offer the luxury of several design services in a single promotional unit. For entrepreneurs and young companies, their problem was solved. Instead of having to out-source their design in photography, print, video and web separetely, they could find their brand identity harmony taken care of in a single impact; and that, at their most critical moment: their startup.
  • We wanted to offer an alternative to large agencies.

    We wanted to strip away the bureaucracy and what we saw as an inefficiency in the industry. We wanted a company where there was as little friction as possible between the client and the people doing the work. We had witnessed that most agencies put a series of gatekeepers between the people doing the work and the client. Account managers and project managers were used to "manage the client" while designers and developers were left in the office to "be creative".

    There was a misconception that creative people couldn't speak to clients, that we were somehow incapable of communicating. So, we reversed the roles. Instead of having a broken telephone, the artists managed the project and the client. From day one, we wanted clients to work closely with the people doing the work. We encouraged clients to speak directly to the person actually designing, not someone managing that person. We had no account managers and no project managers.

  • Is this even possible?

    I don't know how we do it, but it just works. The lack of a large hierarchy meant there were clients we couldn't work with. In the case of our firm, we work differently. Artists design and develop, but so does the project manager. Accounts and other managers don't have to manage the client, nor have a relationship. Some clients need reciprocal hierarchies just to get things done. Others don't. And in our line work, those are the formalities we skip and get to design as quickly as possible.
  • “We wanted to get to design as quickly as possible.”

    While we didn’t know it at the time, I was shooting and filming as a freelancer student under my own name, and building up that portfolio created more demand and suddenly it was time to grow. We had to come up with a company name, and as digital audio-visual agency, nothing sounded easier and better than naming it after the founders. It gives the idea that if a client wants to hire us, he literally has to hire us, similar to a close relationship in a family business.

    In our first year, we immediately assembled all the services we could provide simultaneously to a client. From scratch, we were able to promote a product starting from a logo to a final website including photos and video presentations. Other clients in the entertainement business supported us for more cinematic video trailers and fashion photography, making a clear distinction between corporate products and a more eye-catching portfolio. By the end of 2013, we had many trusted clients and we slowly added staff as freelancers. We never really lost a client, we work on assignements. Design is what we do best. And we take pride in delivering the best worldwide. Our small reputation keeps our work to become increasingly sophisticated, thanks to you.

  • Have a project in mind? 

    Let’s chat, we love a challenge. We will guide you through our process and bring our experience onboard to your project’s success.


    In basic words, Li Motion promotes YOU. We're an audio-visual agency promoting your event, product or any project you have in mind. Making web and design scenes a better place, we help our clients materialzie their ideas from photography, video reports and trailers, to graphic and web designs.

    Our strategic location in Brussels, Belgium provide Li Motion the strategic advantage of delivering great products and team availability in Europe and worldwide.


    Li Motion was founded on a basic principle: build great experiences with beautiful interfaces. Great products are not only aesthetically pleasing but also easy to use. We believe that apps and websites should not only be eye catching but actually provide a great user experience that users will remember.

    In regards to photography and video products, we strive in making cinematic art for the most demanding and we take pride in delivering the best.


    Founded in 2012, we've had the privilege to work with great companies and startups. Our team has rapidly grown since then, at first we started out as a photo/video agency, but have now grown to offer graphic design and web development as well.

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