• Film. Stage the magic.

    Highlight your firm’s added value with a professional video. Film is a modern tool allowing you to improve your referencing and to send a message to your clients. Build new customer relationships, even after your business hours.

    Our services range from the graphic videos made with texts & photographs, covering the shootings and the production of business promotional movies.

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  • Post Production

    Revolutionary Video Editing

  • Innovative in the moment. 

    Whether you choose to have video with or without shooting, everything goes through post-production where we launch your final product. In any case, both options are optimised for the Internet for the referencing and including of your Adwords.
  • Graphic Videos

    Schematic videos (without shooting) are ideal to explain to your clients the advantage of your services or product. These animations are produced on the basis of a script that we help you to create.
  • Videos With Shooting

    Filming videos are ideal for institutional introduction of your firm, multi-channel advertissements or reporting an event. This option includes scenario creation, shooting, or voice-recording.
  • At Li Motion, visuals take centerstage.

    “At your standard party or product, visuals can often seem like an afterthought. But for a party to be a special and not merely an elaborate, expensive way to get hammered, it has to transport you somehow. We specialize in writing a short story for your act, your product, to take it out of your everyday life and maybe even its everyday persona. We'll take no pride in delivering a storyless ad. Instead there should be a barrier between the world of the product and the real world outside. That’s what happens at LM, an elusive, sweet dream.”